mayBE 2015: thirteen.

“Numbers have life; they’re not just symbols on paper.”

Shakuntala Devi


One of my all-time favourite courses in university was statistics.  I loved collecting data and analyzing it.  I loved finding trends and patterns based on the numbers.  In fact, I still do that.  I look at the kids’ rhythm and track the times of day that work best for certain activities.  I look at my routines and see the correlation of hours of sleep and the qualitative and subjective characteristic I like to call “mama mood.” My husband designs my training programs based on my progress using numbers.

Today play with numbers.

You can collect the statistics of your own life, whatever numbers you can think of:

– age

– parenting years

– years (or days or hours) working in your current job

– number of homes

– number of countries visited

– number of children

– years of marriage

– hours spent picking up things off the floor per day

– etc….

Get creative.  Write the numbers down.  You can leave them like that – a list of your vital stats.  Or you can take it a step further with the data.  You can create an infographic of your life or an aspect of it.

You can look here for some infographic inspiration.

This visual representation of the creative routines of famous people is a good one too.

And read why stats can be important here or watch this four minute video on how a collection of 120 000 numbers of data can be used to illustrate a fact that most people may not know.

Taking stock of the numbers is a way to pay attention.  Numbers can answer questions or lead you down the path to the answers.  Maybe you take a look at today.  Record how you spend your time.  Take one 24-hour day and break it down.  Or look at the span of your life and chart major events.

Sometimes, numbers can speak more loudly than words.


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