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mayBE 2015 journal


mayBE2015_17 17_sunrises


mayBe2015_16 16_nail polish 16_nail polish2 16_nail polish3



I told the kids a story that I made up on the spot called, “When King Winter and Sister Spring had a Quarrel.”  I hope to type it all out here.  I tried to jot down most of it after I told it but I’m pretty sure that it changed a little from my spontaneous telling…


mayBE2015_14 mayBE_dance_tag mayBE_choose_must







Creative Prompt 12


mayBE2015_11 11_psyche_map 11_lavaland 11_bworks_map



A portrait of me by my youngest:

10_me portrait

A mother’s day gift from my oldest…

10_basquiat door

I took a picture that I have no memory of and wrote down my own interpretation of this picture with my mother…

10_my mom




This is the first page of my morning pages notebook:

9_morning pagesJPG




My favourite coffee mug overflowing with the goodness in my life:

9_my cup


My daughter’s glass…



My husband taking a stab at this prompt, pushing his edges and comfort zone:

9_beb cup


mayBE2015_seven7_zentangle1JPG 7_zentangle2 7_zentangle3 7_zentangle_me



We spent some time at home preparing our art to be anonymously installed in public spaces.  The goal: MAYBE spread a little joy today.

7_guerilla_art 7_guerilla_art2

We posted one of our guerrilla art flyers in our local coffee shop and the staff gave them free lemonade in support of our mission:


We returned to one flyer at the end of the day…people definitely took what they needed and the kids were a little sad that they needed it in the first place:


We left this nice message in one of the free newspaper stands…


And armed with sidewalk chalk, we wrote messages in public spaces like in front of this police station:


And in front of this downtown post-secondary art school…

7_guerilla_art7 7_guerilla_art8



We started with the drawing exercise and each of us took turns calling out an instruction.  Here were the instructions:

1. Draw a circle.

2. Draw 5 lines.

3. Draw dots in the circle.

4. Draw a mountain shape.

5.  Draw a heart.

6.  Draw 2 squares.

7.  Draw a half circle.

8. Draw 2 triangles.

9.  Draw a horizontal line.

10. Draw a wavy line.

Here is what everyone revealed after we came together again:


We are waiting for the weekend to finish the rest of the prompt when the entire family can do it together…



Letter play.  I could do this all day… 4_letterplay


The kids playing with letters…

4_letterplay2 4_letterplay3


Some of their words…


4_fluff 4_yes 4_courage 4_spit




I used conte to cover my page with black and then used an eraser to “draw” my word…







Playing with lines…

3_straightlinesandcurves 3_playingwithines

Some of the kids’ nature drawings…

3_leaves 3_acorn

My nature items…

3_nature items



An afternoon outside included sky gazing, sky drawing, and other creations…sky_in progress

After doing a paint wash of blue, I added clouds and another layer of blue in chalk pastel…My children insisted they saw a little yellow – the sun glowing behind the clouds which I noticed later:


My 5 year old son’s sky…he focused on one particular cloud that was moving by and kept trying to follow it…:


I took a picture of the sky and then asked the kids to describe any words that came to mind as they looked up at the sky: sky



Kids’ spirals on the chalkboard…practicing going from in to out and out to in and nesting spirals within spirals and spirals with our feet…




After drawing with the kids, I sketched this spiralling chambered nautilus and wrote Oliver Wendell Holmes’ poem The Chambered Nautilus around the spiral…





For more info about mayBE, read here first.

You will find the growing list of prompts here and also some photos of my interpretations of the prompts…