MayBE 2023. Day Three.

“Something is always born of excess.” – Anaïs Nin


Fun fact: the use of the word “balance” was to describe an actual object – a scale for weighing.

I continue to weigh. Weigh the heaviness of hearts. Weigh my time. Weigh what’s essential. Weigh what I need to do in just this moment. Weigh how much I need to reflect on the past without regret. Weigh how much I need to wonder about the future without worry.

  • Write about your scale for weighing – how do you weigh decisions of what to commit to? How do you weigh how you spend your time and who you spend it with?
  • Answer the question for yourself: What do you think of BALANCE and living a creative life?
  • Draw your take on BALANCE.
  • Copy the quote above to remind yourself that the act of balancing can sometimes be overrated and it’s ok to surrender to the excess.

MayBE we can entertain the possibility that balance is achievable once we redefine the definitions and the conditions for ourselves ….More on the conditions tomorrow…






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