project gratitude: day eighteen.

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Today I am grateful for beginning our morning with laughter.

It doesn’t always happen that way.  Today was a cloudy day.  A stay-in-bed and cuddle and read books kind of day.  It’s Monday and we were all buzzing a little still over our crazy-busy weekend.

But my eldest daughter played a video for all of us that she took on her phone yesterday.  We were in the car and I was in charge of the playlist.  I chose James Taylor much to the chagrin of all the passengers in the van.  I could feel the eye rolls behind me but I didn’t care.  After a slew of James Taylor songs, I had mercy on them.  I picked an unexpected song and yelled to the people behind me, “Don’t say I don’t love you!”  The video of this typical car ride with the kids up a major street with the windows open and the music blasting was forwarded on to all of my daughter’s friends – around the world no less – with pride.  As she played the video, we were all on the floor laughing.

We spent the rest of the morning laughing while doing partner yoga poses, crafts, storytelling, and chatting about Buddha.  My husband was around until late morning and commented on our relaxing morning together.  Since we began our school year, I have looked on my day with a kids as family time – time to be together celebrating who they are RIGHT NOW by watching them and listening to them.

Right now, one of my daughters loves crafting and hearing stories.  Right now, my son loves drawing characters and copying down Star Wars terms.  Right now, another daughter wants to talk about spirituality.  Right now, another daughter finds math fun and loves figuring out math puzzles.  Right now, another daughter would rather I dictate her quotes and poetry rather than have her copy it from the board or a book.

As I respect who they are right now and feed their strengths, I find myself being creative in how I deliver the material I would like them to absorb.  Sometimes it is just through a story or through a drawing or through reading a biography or a conversation.  It takes only one of these things to spark something more.  I ask them for feedback each week and I adjust to who they are right now.

Tonight, I asked them if they would like to do another entry in my Book of Hours.  I let them use my stash.  It was such a surprise for them that they couldn’t wait to get started…

Project Gratitude day 18 kids

I love this page because it reminds me of what our family journey is all about – collaboration, generosity, respect, openness, love, and FUN.

(And I secretly like that song.  Don’t tell my kids.)


42 days of gratitude…giving thanks to it ALL.



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