project gratitude: day eleven.

project gratitude day 11

I am grateful for running hills.

Yes, I really am.

My cousin texted my husband and wondered if we would run hills with him twice a week.  We jumped at the chance to have a committed practice since we were down to once a week.

Today we got up before the sun and went to the hill in the dark.

It was hard.  It’s cold.  It’s damp.  It’s dark. My legs burn.  I am breathing in cold air.  I am wondering why I am not in bed curled up with my babies.  Running up this hill is ALWAYS a huge mental challenge.

But then as I walk down the hill and see the half a dozen dedicated hill runners at the bottom of the hill, all looking up at the hill, presumably all cheering themselves on in their heads, “Come on.  You can do this, let’s go,” I feel a camaraderie.  I don’t know any of them except my husband and my cousin but there is a connection.  I see myself in them, going through the same struggles, feeling the same emotions, cursing this hill together.

And so I push myself one more time.  And just as I do, the sun starts to rise and I take in the stunning view.

TO skyline after hills

Is there anything you are grateful for that pushes you to your physical or mental limits and where the result is always a beautiful ending?


42 days of gratitude….giving THANKS to it all.

P.S. Mondays and Thursdays – Hill Running at 6:30am.  Leave a comment here if you are interested in joining us!



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2 responses to “project gratitude: day eleven.”

  1. Kailey Avatar

    Which Hill??

    1. rozanne Avatar

      Riverdale hill on Broadview!

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