project gratitude: day nineteen.

project graitude day 19

Today I am grateful for silence.

I felt a little heavy today. More mellow.  It could have been the grey day again.  I found my solace in silence.    Recently I noticed a pattern.  On the more mellow and grey days, I notice how I am hyper-aware of my emotions and I am very mindful of what I am doing moment to moment.  I caught myself silently doing the laundry.  I cleaned the kitchen slowly and paid attention to every wipe of the counter.  Even as my children spoke to me, I was very deliberate in my responses, trying to be as brief as possible.

When I embrace silence by sitting and watching or moving through a mundane task with a heightened consciousness, I feel myself being myself.  It is at the edge of my discomfort.  Not quite there.  But I can see how quickly I can let myself feel uneasy with all this attention I am giving myself.  But on days like today, I need the extra softness and the quiet to hear my own heart beat.

Can you find a moment of deliberate silence each day even when the noise threatens to overwhelm?


42 days of gratitude…giving thanks to it ALL.









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