project gratitude: day seven.

project gratitude day 7

I am grateful for sounds that resonate.

For the past week, we have studied India.  For the group lesson, meaning all five are present for the lesson, we have studied Hinduism together.  Through myth, we have discussed many concepts that have sparked amazing discussion: dharma, karma, reincarnation, samsara, and ahimsa.

Today we explored aum.  The aum symbol is sacred.  In Hinduism, Aum is the symbol for Brahman, the Supreme Being.  It is a sound that the Hindus believe began with the creation of the universe.  Today I spent the morning with my youngest two chanting AUM.  We sat and felt the vibrations as we made the sound together.

The sound is soothing.  It made me think of the sounds that transport me back.

If AUM is the sound of the beginning of all creation, disco is the sound of my beginning.

Disco music reminds me of my childhood.  The preferred music of my parents and their siblings, disco was always played.  There is nothing better than belting out a familiar disco tune with one of my aunts. It is one of those sounds that flow through my earliest memories.

As we were driving to the beach yesterday, a song played on the radio that took me back 17 years ago.  I sang this song to my firstborn when she was a baby because I didn’t know any baby-friendly songs.  I didn’t know any nursery rhymes.  I didn’t know any lullabies.

I sang “Can’t Take my Eyes Off of You” (the Lauryn Hill version) over and over and over again.  Since then, I have included it on many playlists and I sing this song for the rest of my children.  Every time I hear it, I can see them as babies again.  I see each baby’s face looking at me as I sing this song.  I sang this song not knowing who this child would grow up to be.  I sang this song in a way that only a mama could sing it – holding just enough back to prevent my heart from completely bursting out of my chest.  I sang it knowing that giving birth to them, I give birth to myself.

If AUM is the sound of the beginning of all creation.  This song is the sound of the beginning of my creation.

What are the sounds of your beginnings?  Is there a sound that resonates deeply within you?


42 days of gratitude…giving thanks to it ALL.






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