project gratitude: day six.

project gratitude day 6

I am grateful for September.

When I was a kid, I used to dread September.  It was a month of transitions: leaving my grandparent’s house, no more cousins sleepovers, going back to school, getting ready for Fall and saying goodbye to the slow-paced life of summer.

September used to stress me out even after I had kids – making lunches, chauffeuring kids to activities, managing different pick-ups and drop-offs, managing my own kids’ anxieties, waking the kids up early, homework, school council, etc…

But now, September is a huge exhale.

This late summer heat took our homeschooling group to the beach for this:

sept 2015 supJPG

The kids spent the day in the water doing stand up paddle board lessons and playing on the beach with their friends. We have had our lessons at the beach when the weather has been warm.  We lie on our beach blankets with books strewn around us.  The beach is almost empty and it is quiet.  Their lesson work doesn’t feel like work as they look at the water in front of us.  They move slow and I lie down beside them.  I answer questions and tell stories.

Life slows down even more for us in September as we settle into our own groove.

I am smitten with September.

Are you grateful for this time of year?  How are you saying goodbye to summer?


42 days of gratitude…feeling grateful for it ALL.




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