project gratitude: day sixteen.

project gratitude day 16

Today I am grateful for challenging my assumptions about myself.

Because I question the story I tell myself ABOUT myself, this morning I found myself learning and speaking Spanish with Laura, a new Argentinian friend from Mexico.

Lau and Me

We had never met face to face.  In fact, I met her on Facebook last Friday.  My other Argentinian friend who lives in Mexico introduced us online.  Laura was lovely.  Most importantly, she was patient and open.  She had heard from my friend that I was trying to learn Spanish and wanted to meet up while she was visiting Toronto to help me out.  Not speaking a word of English and never meeting each other before, I was able to have a solid 2 hour practice session while learning all about her adventures in her travels.

I never imagined I would be this person.  The person who sees every moment as an opportunity to explore human connection.  The person who tells her story to a stranger in another language and who is open enough to make a new friend.  The person who doesn’t mind the possibility of looking like a fool.  The person who hugs hello and goodbye to a person I have just met.

We label ourselves and each other.  This doesn’t leave room for redemption and hope.  Every time I label myself, clinging to an old story, I try changing the ending.  I try to take a step back and see myself differently, as a new friend I am getting acquainted with.

And one that speaks Spanish.

Do you assume things about your capacities and your edges?  Can you start over each day and rewrite your story?


42 days of gratitude…giving thanks to it ALL.


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