project gratitude: day ten.

project gratitude day 10

I am grateful for creative people who create.

Today we decided to spend the day in the sunshine.  Some of our children weren’t feeling well for the past few days and so we went to a couple of small festivals in our neck of the woods so that we all could get a little fresh air.

We went to visit our good friend Lynn at DECAF2015.  It’s amazing to see Lynn in her element.  Her energy and love of life and love for what she does is inspiring.  After walking around seeing all the vendors, we sat down to watch a performance from Pegasus Dance Studios. The dancers were smiling and having fun, happy to just move their bodies.

After the arts fair, we went to the East End Poetry Festival to support our friend and neighbour Jill Jorgensen who read some of her poetry at the festival.  It was an afternoon full of stories, spoken word, and beautiful poetry.

In the evening, I had dinner with my lovely friend, Amy.  We talked.  We listened.  We connected.

When I look back at my day, I am overwhelmed with gratitude for being exposed to all this creative energy. Each person today was absolutely joyful.  They own the creation of their own lives, let alone their artistic creations.  By living this way, these creatives make an impact on the world around them whether they know it or not.  They may not know the ripple effect of this creative joy but that’s the beauty of it.

They create to create.  

It made me reflect on my own creative journey and finally having the courage to take responsibility for creating the life I live and giving myself the permission to express myself as a writer and as an artist.  A big thanks to all of you today who served as a reminder that we are all called to create, to be the artists of our own life.

Can you acknowledge and be grateful for your own creativity in shaping your life?  


42 days of gratitude….giving thanks to it ALL.






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