project gratitude: day thirty-six.

project gratitude day 36

I am grateful for discovering one of the secrets to keeping sane while being a mama to many children.

The secret?


I am not referring to random moments of quiet that I find sprinkled through the day.  I am talking about intentional stillness, a commitment that I make to myself every single day.

My days are filled with sound – the sound of my voice, the sound of five children, the sound of wanting and needing, the sound of the city, the sound of conversations, the sound of a house that is alive.  Keeping silent isn’t easy but the more I devote time to intentional periods of silence, I am able to discern when I shouldn’t speak and how to choose my words carefully.

When my children were little, I was always the last one to sleep in my home.  I couldn’t settle until I knew everyone else was sleeping.  I would find reprieve in the silence after a long day with littles, sometimes holding my breath so I wouldn’t disturb it as if it was a delicate veil thinly concealing the chaos and muffling the noise.  This brief period before bed was the only place that I could claim as my own.

Tonight I was able to close my eyes and sit in silence for a few hours.  Silence gives me space and the opportunity to ground myself.  Silence resets my awareness.  Silence is a gift I give myself and a way to strengthen my intuition.

It is in silence that I meet myself again and again for the first time.


42 days of gratitude…giving thanks to it ALL.


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