project gratitude: day thirty-three.

project gratitude day 33

I am grateful for my rice cooker.

As we continue to tidy/declutter our last room of the house, the kitchen, I thought that it would be difficult to find kitchen items that would bring me enough joy that I would have to keep.  But I was wrong. This rice cooker was one of them.

This is the last thing that we still have from the first day that my husband and I (and our nine month old daughter) lived together.  Whenever we find ourselves getting caught up and complaining about what we don’t have, my husband and I like to think back to that first home and how happy we were starting out in complete uncertainty.

This rice cooker only makes 3 cups of rice and it definitely looks like it has seen better days.   We make rice all day long.  There is always rice in the rice cooker.  When there isn’t any, someone makes more.  All my kids know how to make rice.  Throughout the day, you can hear me shout, “Can someone make rice?”

The logical thing, of course, would be to buy a bigger rice cooker.  But the crazy thing is that we’ve never run out during a meal and it works fine.  It’s not the prettiest thing on our counter but it makes me smile.  It’s a reminder of where we began and a symbol of simplicity.

Sometimes it’s the ordinary and seemingly mundane bits of life that when looked at from a different angle, hold mysteries and stories that can refresh the view.

What one ordinary thing are you grateful for today?


42 days of gratitude…giving thanks to it ALL.








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