project gratitude: day twenty-one.

project gratitude day 21

Today I am grateful for 20 000 screaming children.

My friend, Lara, organized a group to begin a Me to We Project this past summer.  We have started out collecting change.  Today was We Day and our group had an opportunity to go and celebrate acts of service.  There were tragic stories but the story always ended with hope.  The energy was electric and the speakers were inspiring.

And yes, I cried a little.  I was moved by this movement and the willingness of these young people to try – to try to affect change in any small way.  I was moved by all these points of light in the darkness.

points of light we day

It was fun and entertaining but my kids could not stop talking about it.  They just kept asking, What can we do right now?

And that’s all we really need.  A willingness to shine the light.  Once we are willing, we will begin to notice the opportunities to give even in small ways.  The spark begins to ignite and then all we have to do is light the spark in others.

What we choose to emphasize in this complex history will determine our lives.

If an emphasis on pop culture at these events can shift the mindset of young people to choosing to see the world as kind and good, then I will gladly bop around to the fluffy stuff.  If this is the way in, the way to achieve small incremental changes that lead to that tidal wave of complete upheaval for the better, then I will gladly sit in an arena with 20 000 screaming young people.

The day was spent listening to stories from young people that used their imagination to invent a different world that they saw in front of them.  If you indeed create the world that you see, then why not live in unapologetic and uncompromising hope?

I want my children to always see the we but I know that this can only happen if see the we.  As a parent, I must show them what I can do right now.  I show them that I have hope.  I tell them that I believe that everyone is doing the best that they can with what they have and what they know.  I show compassion.  I extend myself in order to connect, to share, and to love.

Sometimes they ask me why I blog here and share my Book of Hours.  They ask me why do I teach a workshop or volunteer my time helping others.  I tell them because I have to and because I can.  What else is there to do with this one life but to share my story in case there is one person that needs to hear it?  What if there is one person that becomes a little more willing to see humanity as inherently good because I was vulnerable enough to share my own challenges?  What if I can give comfort or support to just one person?

Then my life is a “defiance of all that is bad around us…and a marvellous victory.”

What one small step can you take to be the change?


42 days of gratitude…giving thanks to it ALL.


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