project gratitude: day twenty-two.

project gratitude day 22

I am grateful for wool socks.

Today was the first day that I wore my wool socks since last spring.  This morning I was still in flip flops, freezing my toes off on the way to an early morning yoga class.  I was still in denial about the arrival of autumn.

If you live anywhere where there is four seasons, my friend Brooke’s mini essay, “Between,” describes this time of year perfectly.

As much as I would like to live in a hot climate 365 days out of the year, I would miss sporting my wool socks.  They remind me that time passes.  Putting them on signifies the inhale of the autumn and winter seasons – the time for quiet reflection and willful inner work.  This is the moment when I can simply feel gratitude for another beautiful summer in my city with my family and friends.

Sitting on a log today with other mamas, enduring the bite of a chillier wind, I was still a little cold underneath the layers.  After a few hours, chatting and re-connecting, I found the warmth in the perfect pauses, the understandings, the consolations, and the camaraderie.

Soon the leaves will change and one holiday after another will march through our days.  Right now, I am grateful for transition.  We are always moving through one place to another, one season to another, one phase to another.  As soon as we settle into a groove, it’s time to move on, to adjust, to adapt again.  Transitions should not be rushed through or overlooked.  It is important to stay and be cognizant of the change.  To mark it.  To celebrate it.  Even if it’s just by consciously pulling out those favourite wool socks.


42 days of gratitude…giving thanks to it ALL.


Speaking of wool…My good friend, Angela, over at Wooly Kids has amazing products if you are looking for some woolies for you kids or even yourself.  She will be at The Baby Show this weekend (Oct 3-4)!






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