The Ghosts of Sounds Past.

This is a blog post from 10 years ago with a list of things I heard around the house. (#1 refers to first child, #2 second child, and so on…) I wanted to post this because I am so grateful that I have documented snippets of our family life. All of a sudden the edges feel rounded and the memories are filtered in that pretty sepia-tone. I know there were other sounds – the sounds of broken dishes (hence the metal prison plates), broken words causing broken hearts, and even worst, the cold silences of tension and contempt. But in this time where we can pay more attention to the sounds of our homes, I encourage you to take a moment and write it all down.

Stay tuned for a list of things I hear in my house right now in 2020...

Posted on 04/26/2010 | 

#1 had her provincial volleyball tournament two weekends ago and our family is still recovering it.  I’ll recap another time.

Some soundbytes from around our house:

#1:  “1500m is long.  I only ran it in 7 and 1/2 minutes.”

(This was said after she came home from track and field tryouts.  I wanted to shake this kid and say, ‘Are you kidding me? You just ran almost a mile in less than 8 minutes…some adults would kill for that time.’  She has no clue.)

#2:  “I miss eggs.”

(Eggs aggravate her eczema.  But she LOVES them.)

#3:  “I don’t want to go to school today.”

(She came down with a nasty cold yesterday and has lived on our couch – one hand holding a plastic bag for throwing up and one hand maneuvering a mouse on my laptop.)

#4:  “FREE BALL!”

(Did I mention we are still recovering from the big volleyball tournament?  #4 throws a ball at me whenever she can yelling this – she loves to surprise me as I come around the corner carrying a basket full of laundry.)

#5:  “Mum..Mummum..Mummumumum…”

(I swear he calls for me now.)

Ever-Patient:  “I am so mentally exhausted.”

Me:  “Ditto.”


Today I will focus on placing one foot in front of the other, walking with careful deliberation and acute consciousness.  I will listen and engage.  I will give thoughtful answers as opposed to automatic responses.  I will regain awareness of the life around me.

Wish me luck.






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