Vignette 35/52. Home.

No I did not put the vignettes out of order because I am in a fasted state.

(Today is Day 10 – we break tomorrow!)

Vignette 35 was started on the one day of the week that I get to stay home all day. Staying home is my magic time.

I wrote about my home. I wrote about falling in love with sitting and watching. I wrote about the details of my sofa pillow that makes me happy. I wrote about the ease of our day – the relaxed morning as the kids join us one by one on the couch for their own morning rituals. I wrote about sleeping straight through the night and waking naturally with my big Rottweiler and German Shepherd howling with the Howler Monkeys.

Every day feels like a cherry on top only because I know how delicate my life is which is like a cloth I have woven slowly with the finest of threads. At any point, they can easily be snagged or a stray thread unwound.

I am not going to share what I wrote because this is the vignette I want to cherish – the one where I couldn’t post because we live without internet. The one I didn’t plan.

It’s my private sigh of relief and the thing I am most scared to lose.






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