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For the last week, I have been mostly offline.  With only the occasional text and email going out to let everyone know we are fine, I have been off the Internet.  It’s mostly been a forced absence since we don’t have much internet connection out here.  It’s both bad and good news.  Bad because my husband depends on it for work.  Good because we have all become too dependent on it.

My apologies for being away from here for so long.  I do love this space to document what’s happening right in front of me but planning and preparing a trip abroad for 2 months took up much of my headspace and my time.

We are now in Costa Rica.  We spent our first week getting into a slower rhythm and getting our jungle bearings.  Although we are on the same property as last year, we are in a different home.  We needed a few days to get used to the night time noises of the jungle and adjusting to a new sleep schedule.  Because we are so familiar with the area, we were able to jump into lessons by Wednesday last week.

One thing that we are finding that is different is the internet connection.  It is worse than last year.  I will try to post at least once a week, maybe if I can do some writing at the house, I will be able to batch write some posts and then upload them all at once at a cafe and pre-schedule the posts.

I have a private travel blog where the kids post but due to the little or no wifi connection at our home, I’m not sure that the kids will be able to post as often as they did last year.  (Sorry friends and family!)

I’ve had a lot of questions regarding traveling with a large family and what our decision-making process is in terms of choosing a destination, timing, etc.

Over the next few months, I will write a little blog series on our experiences travelling as a family of 7.

I will share how we plan, how we pack, how we homeschool, how we troubleshoot, some of our tips and tricks to travelling with kids, and of course, all the challenges and beautiful moments we have experienced.

I can’t guarantee the frequency of these posts or the usefulness of them.  I only give this disclaimer because the wifi is inconsistent and I don’t want to spend time agonizing over internet connection.  I’d rather worry about person-to-person connections on this trip.

I also warn against taking what I say as the only truth.  Each family is unique.  Each family has its own rhythm and a multitude of relationship dynamics.  I can only share what has worked and what hasn’t worked.  Don’t get lost or preoccupied with the details.  It is all a process.  A process that begins with an intention.

And my one intention for this series is to share.  To give information in hopes that even one person may be able to tailor it to fit their own family.

The sun is out.  Time to enjoy it.

Pura Vida!!!






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