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  • 33.

    Today’s scribble is inspired by Claude Monet and May Sarton’s poem For Monet:   Changing light changes the very nature of things.  The glow of sunrise is different than a midday sun.  The light and shadow dance is what makes things alive and never static. I have poor vision.  Without my glasses or contact lessons, I […]

  • 32.

    A work-in-progress.  My title page for my Book of Hours: My first entry:  I picked up Rainer Maria Rilke’s Book of Hours: Love Poems to God  as I was preparing for this next phase of my 100 scribbles.  Creating my own Book of Hours led me to it.  These poems are a beautiful conversation with the divine. There are many poems […]

  • mayBE 2015: twelve.

    Today I am featuring Rowena, an inspiring entrepreneur, who runs the etsy shop Paper + Cloth.  Technically we have known each other for a very long time, maintaining a casual acquaintance as we travel the periphery of shared family and friends.  Lately our paths have crossed more online, a feeling of kindred spirits and mutual admiration for […]

  • 9: begin anywhere.

    Last Thursday, my husband came home from attending/assisting at a course this week and asked when my next blog post was coming out.  Confused, I asked him why because he normally doesn’t monitor the frequency of my content output.  Apparently, one of the course administrators approached him at the course and asked when my next blog […]

  • on motherhood. part three.

    My story begins with this:  I have been a mother for almost half my life. (The above photo is from the cover of a photo book they made for my birthday…they managed to find pictures with me in them!) Let me rewind first. When I was young, I didn’t see myself having children.  I thought about them in […]